HonuaTree EduPreneur Affiliate Initiative (HEAi) was developed to enable educators to set up and operate their own online education services.​​​​​​​

EduPreneur Case Study

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We have chosen the following EduPreneur Plan Case Study as an example of the pricing fees and return on investment (ROI) that self-employed educators can experience when operating their own online education services:

The purpose of this business model is to "facilitate" setting up Educators with the tools they will need to satisfy the transfer of knowledge to their students while helping them promote and sustain themselves as education service providers.

The HonuaTree EduPreneur Affiliate Initiative (EAI) is a "Collaboration" between:

  1. EduPreneur - educators seeking a self-employment opportunity in their chosen profession,

  2. Students/Parents in need of Educators to teach them via distance learning,

  3. Schools Systems desiring to offer distance learning cost-effectively, and

  4. Technology Providers, with solutions designed to improve the academic outcomes of those using their solutions. ​​​​​​​

Sources of Funding

The primary sources of funding for EduPreneurs include:

  1. Choice / School Vouchers​​​​​​​ 
  2. Private sources / parents 

​​​​​​​The EduPreneur Affiliate Pricing Plans is as follows:

As an added resource, all HonuaTree EduPreneur Affiliates will be listed in the HonuaTREE EduPreneur Affiliate Directory, making them available for search locally and globally. 

Why should Affiliates be listed FacilityAXS and HonuaTree directories?

  1. Each Affiliate will have a personally branded password-protected dashboard that enables them to list and communicate directly with their students, post their content (outcomes, promo materials, etc,) online, and much more.  

  2. There is only one EduPreneur Affiliate program available

    • Affiliate Setup fee = $1,500 (Serve up to 200 students)

    • Monthly Student Use Fee = $50 / month per student (paid by Affiliate)

​​​​​​​NOTE ... We offer special payment arrangements for start-ups.

Average Return on investment (ROI)

According to ZipRecruiter, the average salary for online educators nationwide is $60,907.  Typically, the number of students per classroom is 22 for elementary schools ($2,768 per student) and 25 for high schools ($2,436 per student).

The following assumes that the cost per elementary school student remaining the same under our online education model:

  • HonuaTree EduPreneur Affiliate earnings = $138,400 / year ($2,768 x 50 students)

    • ​​​​​​​$1,500 initial one-time setup fee (Special waivers may apply)

  • HonuaTree EduPreneur Affiliate initial and. monthly costs:
    • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​$2,500 / month system operating fee (50 students x $50 ea,) x 12 = $30,000 per year​​​​​​​
      • $138,400 divided by $30,000 = ROI of 4.163 x cost each year

​​​​​​​ROI of 4.163 x cost in year 1

​​​​​​​Note ... This cost does not include time and materials related to setting and rebranding HonuaTreEAI or other external systems that Educators may desire to be integrated with our platform.